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Stone Wool

American Delaine Merino

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American Delaine Merino

Delaine Merino wool is a lively and crimpy fiber, with great bounce as well as fine-micron softness. The wool in our American Delaine Merino yarn comes from the Belle Fourche region of South Dakota, an area famous for its fine-wool sheep. Read the story behind this amazing wool fiber here.

Stone Wool made American Delaine Merino two-ply to show off the wooliness of the fiber. They twisted each ply just enough to hold the fibers in place—important for durability—but not so much as to lose the fiber’s inherent softness. Their caressing, pliable yarn is perfect for anything you’d want right up next to you—a hat, scarf, a favorite wear-every day sweater. Maybe even a pretty camisole for the perfect modern base layer. 

The yarn shows its even stitches well in everything from stockinette to delicately textured patterns. The color palette of beautiful neutrals and bold accent colors offers richness and sophistication for colorwork.



Sport Weight
Yardage: Approx. 190 yards [173 M] / 50g
Gauge: 6 sts per inch on size US 3, 5.25 sts per inch on size US 5 needle
Spin: 2-ply, worsted


Fiber: 100% Delaine Merino Wool | Belle Fourche region, Western United States
Spun: North Carolina
Dyed: Pennsylvania  

Rabbit Row is an approved stockist for Stone Wool - please reach out if you are looking for other colorways or yarn lines that we can special order for you.  We appreciate that you are supporting our small, local business. 

Photo credits: Stone Wool