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Plied Yarns

Bakers Dozen Bundle Shawl Kit - Yarn + Pattern

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To celebrate Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s 15th Anniversary, Ann Weaver designed Baker’s Dozen, a scarf that uses 13 colors of Plied North Ave with a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Sock. We decided to knit a version using North Ave as the main color, and we love the results! This kit is for the all-Plied Baker’s Dozen.

Knit a Baker’s Dozen was inspired by strip weaving, particularly the colorful textiles of West Africa. Like strip-woven cloth, this scarf is knit in three long strips, which are then seamed together. It’s all garter stitch and gives you plenty of space to experiment with color interactions.

The kit includes two full skeins of North Ave and one bobbin in each of the following colors:
Everyone’s Place
Graffiti Alley
Lake Trout
Windup Space
The Bunk
Eubie Blake
Oxford Tavern

Rabbit Row is an approved stockist for Plied Yarn Co - please reach out if you are looking for other colorways or yarns that we can special order for you.  We appreciate that you are supporting our small, local business.
Photo credits: Plied Yarn Co