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Hudson Valley Textile Project

Common Threads-HVTP

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We’re not just bringing attention to the patterns, but also to the yarn.

Each issue of Common Threads will feature textiles produced in our region, giving Hudson Valley Textile Project members center stage, but also welcoming potential members into the fold through inclusion within the issue. We’ve included big photos of the pattern in the featured yarn, but also encourage substitution by displaying swatches alongside the pattern in additional yarn suggestions. We’re ready to encourage readers to experiment with the stash they have and explore new materials from domestic fiber growers!

The Rundown:

  • Common Threads promotes high quality, existing patterns, giving designers a break from creating something new and helping them make money off their existing back catalog.

  • Our publication doesn’t re-sell the patterns; there are no commissions, fees or discounts required from participating designers, and they keep 100% of the sales of their pattern.

  • We’re here to encourage you to make with what you have instead of always buying something new, and to look at your stash in new ways by showing you how different fibers work for each pattern.

  • Common Threads is ready to introduce readers to the exciting world of domestic fiber! Are you ready to join us on the trip? Pre-order your copy today.