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Crooked Creek Sheep & Wool

Crossbreed Mill Spun Hand Dyed Yarn - (NY)

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A fiber for every purpose

Crooked Creek Sheep and Wool is home to a flock of mixed breed sheep that produce an unusually diverse set of wool types. The breed types in the flock are descended from 3 Suffolk ewes and  2 of their Suffolk/Texel daughters. Ram breeds that were introduced include a Rambouillet cross, Finn, and Cormo and we have been cross, back and line breeding from these offspring. Our fiber type is continually evolving, but is still quite diverse. Most of our fleeces have staple lengths of 3 to 5 inches and range from medium to fine fiber types. Many fleeces have a lovely luster that came from our Rambouillet cross ram and a very soft handle that was contributed by this same ram and a Finn ram. Our fine wool sheep are derived from our Cormo ram. Our sheep are both white and colored, with several greys, brown and dark grey/black color patterns.

Food Safe & Botanically Dyed