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Rabbit Row Yarns & Haberdashery

Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker

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Water soluble disappearing ink fabric marker in blue, purple , green, or pink. This fabric marker is handy for temporary marking of pattern instructions or designs on fabric, which can then be removed by dipping in water. The water soluble ink can disappear automatically,and/or easily and quickly erasable with water or eraser. Can write on any surface, especially use for dress marking,cross stitch, handicraft, embroidery, patchwork, shoe marking, needlework and artificial flowers, etc.

  • Green pen: Automatically disappears, or quickly erasable by water.
  • Purple pen: 2 to 14 days automatically fade or use water to wipe them off.
  • Pink pen: 1-7 days disappear, or use water to wipe them off immediately.
  • Blue pen: writing trace does not disappear automatically, but it can easily and quickly erasable by water.