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Cupid Falls Farm

Replacement Felting Needles - Qty. 25

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Mixed Felting Needles

Mixed felting needles consist of 36g Triangle, 38g Triangle, 36g Star, 38g Star and 38g Spiral needles. 

  • The medium mix pack Includes 5 each of 36g Triangle, 38g Triangle, 36g Star, 38g Star and 38g Spiral needles
  • The fine mix pack includes 6 each of 40g Triangle, 42g Triangle, 40g Spiral and 43g Crown needles. 

    Felting needles come in many different varieties. They come in different lengths, shaft shapes, number of barbs, type of bard and shape of point. All of this can seem confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. The first thing we must remember is that all felting needles are manufactured for high speed large industrial machines that makes a wide spectrum of products. Craftsmen and artist have adapted them for use as a hand-held tool. The technical names and terms have crossed over to the artist/craft community and sometimes need explanation. 

    How do felting needles work?

    Each needle has a number of barbs that catch the fiber as it is pushed through the project. This causes the fibers to become entangled to make a solid felt. The greater the number of barbs, the faster the project will felt.

    What is Felting Needle Gauge?

    The term “Gauge” simply refers to the thickness of the barb. There are many tables on the web that will let you convert from gauge to millimeters or inched but for the craft felter, it's really not important. Gauge is a simple whole number that’s easy to remember. The confusing part about gauge is the larger the gauge, the smaller the shaft size. For instance, a 32-gauge needle will have a larger shaft diameter larger than that of a 42-gauge needle. Also, keep in mind that the larger the shaft size, the larger the hole left in your project. For quick felting, 32 gauge 9 point needles will felt quicker than 40 gauge 3 barb needles. The 40 gauge 3 barb needles will, however, leave a smoother service. 

    How do I care for my felting needles?

    Felting needles are very delicate and break easily if not used properly. They designed to go into industrial machines that hold thousands of needles at a time and operate in an up and down motion. Using your needles at a sever angle, twisting manor or in a manner that would cause them to bend can cause them to break. Also, take care that the pad you felt on is thick enough to allow the needles to not hit the hard surface under the pad. This is the quickest and most common way to break needles. Felting needles are for dry felting and will rust if exposed to water or moisture.

    • Needles are very sharp, please use caution when using.
    • Children should always be supervised while using or handling needles.
    • Always felt on an appropriate surface
    • Needles are delicate and can break easily, use proper care when using.
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