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Coco Knits

Flight of Stitch Markers

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Product Details

  • Made of nylon coated steel - they cling to magnets
  • Split Ring markers - hook onto stitches
  • Triangle stitch markers accommodate up to US 9 / 5.5mm needle.
  • Small stitch markers accommodate up to US 7 / 4.5mm needle.
  • Original stitch markers accommodate up to US 13 / 9mm needle.
  • Jumbo stitch markers accommodate up to US 19 / 16mm needle.


  • each style includes 24 markers - 4 each of 6 colors
  • 120 total markers

How to Use

  • This variety of stitch markers can be used to track sweater sections as in the COCOKNITS METHOD, pattern repeats, as well as increases and decreases in any design.
  • Learn more about the various stitch markers in this set HERE.
  • Use with your ACCESSORY ROLL - the tubes fit in the pouches perfectly!
  • Use any of these markers with your MAKER'S KEEP, MAGNETIC CONCRETE TRAY, or any magnet.
  • Test them all and find your favorite shape - then try different colors! 
Rabbit Row is an approved stockist for Coco Knits please reach out if you are looking for other colorways or products that we can special order for you. We appreciate that you are supporting our small, local business!
Photo credit: Coco Knits