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McIntosh Aran Yarn (NY)

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Let’s talk Lincoln Longwool – This is a rare heritage breed making a comeback in the US. The beautiful natural colored Lincoln yarn in the shop is from Orchard View Lincoln Longwools in Bergen, NY owned and operated by Shepherdess Emmaline Long and her family.  Since 2002, Orchard View Farm has been developing their flock of natural colored Lincoln Longwool sheep. They love their breeds size, luster and color of wool, and personalities.

This small family flock is usually around 30 ewes, depending on the time of year. Their personal preference, is dark colored wool. The flock is mostly a family hobby and they spend their summer showing our sheep at several shows.  Look for them at: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (http://www.sheepandwool.org/), the Genesee County Fair, The Big E, and the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival (http://www.sheepandwool.com/).

Lincolns are genetically labeled a coarse breed, but if you’ve touched the yarn or locks right inside the door at Rabbit Row, you will disagree - and oh, that sheen! In fact, many other US crossbreeds (Corriedale, Columbia, Targhee to name a few) find their history began with a Lincoln parent. Remember that Lincolns are included in the @livestockconservancy Shave ‘em to Save ‘em program – if you have a SE2SE Passport, purchase at least 4oz of fiber for a passport stamp. Rabbit Row Yarns & Haberdashery has an overflowing basketful of Lincoln yarns and locks for any knit, weave or spin project you have in mind! All photos courtesy of Emmaline.
Photo credits: Orchard View Lincoln and Rabbit Row Yarns