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Bear Creek Felting

Needle Felting Kits (US-N Dakota)

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Teresa Perleberg is a needle felting sculpture artist, raising her own flock of sheep and teaching others how to felt. She has been raising Romney sheep and needle felting since 2006, opening Bear Creek Felting in 2008.  In 2018 Teresa formed a partnership with Chris Armbrust of Dakota Fiber Mill, together as Shepherd Industries, LLC they renovated a school in Nome, North Dakota to house their growing businesses and provide a place for fiber enthusiasts to come relax, learn and experience all things fiber.

A Vertical Wool Business - a single wool business taking ownership from farm to retail. In a Vertical wool operation a business takes ownership of the wool for the entire process from farm to retail. A Bear Creek Felting Kit is made fully within the state of North Dakota.  At Bear Creek Felting they raise their own sheep specifically for their wool, process it into roving in their own mill, assemble, package and ship all within a 20 mile radius of where the wool was raised. Their animals are humanely and ethically raised.

Bear Creek Needle Felting Kits include everything your customers need to complete a project, wool grown by us and processed in our mill with eco-green certified scouring agents.