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Kiriki Press

Needle Threader

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Thread your needles with ease with this stainless steel needle threader! Threaders sometimes get a bad rap because we've all broken those flimsy wire ones after a single use, but solid body threaders are regarded as the best, and these are not only functional but add a bit of beauty to your toolkit, too!  These threaders are extremely high quality, completely smooth, durable and made in Canada.

 Lace Bunny
Dimensions: Approximately 1" x 1.7"
Style: Choose the threader style in the dropdown menu. Consult the chart to see what needle sizes correspond to which style.


Which size needle threader should you choose?

For needles size 12 and larger. Use with fine threads
(i.e. 6-stranded floss, floche, fine perle cotton, silk thread, beading floss)

Classic: For needles size 9 and larger. Use with fine & medium weight threads (i.e. 6-stranded floss, floche, perle cotton, crewel wool)

Tapestry: For all sizes of tapestry and chenille needles. Use with medium & chunky threads (i.e. 6-stranded floss, perle cotton, crewel wool, tapestry yarn, ribbon)


Do you need all three styles of threaders in your toolkit?

Generally the Classic Threader will work with most of your embroidery and cross stitch projects, but the hook style isn't the best for ribbon, or chunky tapestry wools, as it may catch the fibres - the Tapestry Threader is ideal for these!  If you do lots of fine work, only the Micro Threader will work with smaller embroidery and beading needles. 


Comes with a decorative backing, threader use chart and protective cellophane envelope

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