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NOSO Patches

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Add flair to your repairs with stylish, easy-to-apply patches designed to be as aggressive and long-lasting as your favorite outdoor gear.

From Duct Tape to Noso

Saving the planet, one patch at a time™. From our own humble origins with duct tape repairs, we’ve helped save more than 2 million pieces of outdoor gear from the landfill.

Technical: Our patented manufacturing techniques use high quality outdoor fabrics with the most aggressive adhesive to create durable, machine washable, permanent patches.

Save Money = Be Sustainable: Stick to your budget, repair don’t buy new. You’ll have more discretionary income to grow your savings.

Stylish: Express yourself by what you wear. Our designers and artists sketch patterns to provide our customers with the coolest + DIY statement patches ever.

Waterproof. Durable. Flexible. Lightweight.