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The Friendly Loom

Rug or Latch Hook Kits - Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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 Ages 8+

Learn the classic craft of rug or latch hooking with fun designs made from 100% Wool Yarn - all kits are made in the USA!
Latch Hook Kits: The beginner-friendly kit contains strands of pre-cut, 2-ply wool yarn, a canvas backing printed with easy-to-follow grid lines, a design stencil, a wooden-handled latch hook tool, instructions and a handy zippered carrying case to hold in-process projects and supplies.  Display your vibrant finished 12"-square rug on the wall, or use it as stunning panel on a tote or pillow.
Rug Hooking Kits: A great way to discover the wonderful world of rug hooking! With the materials in this kit, you can learn the craft of making traditional hooked rugs in this beautiful rainbow design. Contents: Reusable Wooden Frame, 10” x 8” Printed Canvas, Rug Hooking Hook, 100% Wool Yarn, Complete Instructions.