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Finger Lakes Yarn

Hand-dyed Tencel Weaving Yarn (NY)

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Sustainably produced yarn, hand dyed in Rochester, NY by dyer and weaver Karen Berk.  Karen is an avid outdoorswoman and her colorways take their inspiration from her many hiking and kayaking adventures!

A perfect fiber for weaving, knitting or crocheting. 5/2 is equivalent to  fingering weight; 10/2 is equivalent to light lace weight.  It is recommended to use a color catcher when washing with other items. 

Tencel is a plant-based yarn, usually made from the pulp of eucalyptus and or beech trees.  It is fully boidegradeable.  Tencel is often compared to cotton - but it takes much less water to produce and no pesticides. Read more here about Tencel's eco-friendly production and qualities.