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Wash Away Stitch Stabilizer

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Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer is a unique product that combines pressure sensitive adhesive with a water-soluble stabilizer.  It's printable, repositionable and washes away easily.

Make fabric marking a thing of the past with these special, water-soluble, adhesive-backed sheets. Once your design is printed on the sheet, you can position (or reposition) it right where you want it for sewing through - perfect for embroidery, machine quilting, crazy quilting, raw-edge appliqué, and more. It protects delicate fabrics, supports dense embroidery patterns, and stabilizes “hard to hoop” pieces like suede or cuffs and collars.

  1. Print, copy or trace your design onto the stabilizer
  2. Stick it down in position on your fabric
  3. Stitch your design right through it (we recommend a sharp needle, like Chenille)
  4. Dissolve it...the printed stabilizer washes away easily in water without damaging your work. 

Item is one 8.5x11" sheet. 

Can be used with inkjet or laser printers/copiers.  We recommend hand feeding or using the bypass try to prevent jamming.  Sheets are 8.5x11". Always do a test sample to verify that your ink does not bleed.  

To remove: cut any excess stabilizer and soak away the rest in warm water, either by hand or machine washing.