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White Dog Apiary

Beeswax Thread Conditioner (NY)

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Add this subtle honey-scented thread conditioner to your mending or embroidery kit.  A simple swipe with your thread along the wax will help you quickly thread your needle and make your threads easier to use as they glide through the fabric.   For mending through coarse fabrics (like denim) wax your needle too.  

White Dog Apiary has been thriving on Benjamin Hill Road in Newfield, NY since the 1990s collecting a few TONS of honey per year and producing beeswax candles, beeswax balms, and other hive products.  You can feel good about adding a local product to your stitching accessories.  A simple blast of warm heat from a hair dryer will brighten up your wax and remove the cloudy patina that builds up over time. 

Bunny and embroidery styles come with a wick.