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Clean Cashmere

Wildflower Mat - Pollinator Mix

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 Clean Cashmere Wildflower Mats are made with a pollinator mix of wildflower seeds from Johnston Seed Company and our "waste" fiber that is left over from processing cashmere at the mill. Place them on bare soil and keep them watered so that they can be given a chance to grow into native wildflowers! 

 Native bees, honeybees, butterflies and hummingbirds will all love the Good As Gold Pollinator Mix! This carefully selected mix of native wildflowers and forbs consists of beneficial species that will provide pollen and nectar for foraging pollinators throughout the growing season. The hardy perennials in this blend are low maintenance and adapted to a wide range of temperatures and soil types. Besides being a crucial food source, this mix will provide years of stunning color and natural beauty to your garden or landscape.

 Contains Species: Butterfly Milkweed, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Leadplant, Purple Coneflower, Pale Purple Coneflower, Lemon Mint, Annual Sunflower, Black Eyed Susan, Illinois Bundleflower, Pennsylvania Smartweed, Partridge Pea, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Prairie Clover, Pitcher Sage, Dotted Gayfeather, Maximillian Sunflower, Mexican Hat/Upright Coneflower, Indian Blanket, Swamp Milkweed, Yarrow, Roundhead Lespendeza, & Prairie Blazing Star.

 This blend was developed in coordination with the Oklahoma Natural Resource Conservation Service and meets the standards and specs for Pollinator and Monarch mixes.

 **Please note we cannot guarantee 100% germination. These mats also act as a weed barrier and mulch in your garden. Our hope is this product will upcycle a natural waste material and restore native ecosystems.