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Quince & Co

Wool Soap Bar

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Twig & Horn's Wool Soap Bar was built from the ground up, ingredient by ingredient, to naturally bring the best out of your woolen garments. Packed with the highest-grade lanolin available for restoring wool fibers, other ingredients include coconut oil, sustainable palm kernel oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, and organic essential oils for the scented varieties. These gentle, natural ingredients will leave your garments clean, refreshed, and more luxurious than the day you bought or made them.

Directions: Fill wash basin with 2-3" cold or lukewarm water, or enough to cover garment. Immerse garment. Lather your hands and gently squeeze the suds through your garment, or softly run the soap bar over its surface and work in gently. Add more soap as needed. Soak 15 minutes. Rinse lightly, if desired (rinse not necessary). Block. Dry. Enjoy. 

Made in USA
Approx. 3.5 oz

Rabbit Row is an approved stockist for Quince & Co - please reach out if you are looking for other colorways or yarn lines that we can special order for you.  We appreciate that you are supporting our small, local business. 
Photo credits: Quince & Co.