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WoolBuddy Needle Felting Mat - 2 sizes

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These 100% natural wool needle felting mats are a favorite surface to work on!

This mat is made of solid wool which has been wet felted to give it great durability and the perfect amount of support when using it as a work surface for needle felted sculptures and wool paintings. It is solid enough to support your work without it sinking into the pad, but has just the right amount of giving to take repeated pokes of your felting needle without sacrificing the working surface of the block or causing needle breakage.

This 100% wool felting mats measure either  9.5" x 9.5" x 1.5" or 5" x 5" x 1.5".

Why use wool for your work surface? Lots of reasons!

- eco-friendly (it's 100% natural wool)
- longevity (you won't be replacing it because it's worn like the foam pads)
- it's a slightly quieter "crunching" sound than a foam block
- it's more comfortable to work on.

Another wonderful quality about these solid wool felting mat is that if the surface starts to get a little fuzzy, you can simply felt the loose fibers back into place or pull the loose fiber out. Another way is to take a little pause from your felting project, add a little soap and water and rub the surface to make it more smooth again, which is wet felting, the process that was used to create the wool block!
If wet felting, you would just need to allow time for the block to dry before using it again, as the moisture could rust your needles.